Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ramblin' on

Christianity is alive, inside and outside of the church. Those who do not attend fellowship are often the most resistant to Scriptural commands, confusing rebellion with maturity. Still, when the church gathers in a building to receive instruction, if God's word is not taught and if people are not encouraged to live it out, the result is people deceived in to thinking they are doing well in the Lord, even living in grace when all along they are living lives that are unfruitful, and without true spiritual fruit. When God's word is actually taught properly, and His people actually receive it holiness and a life that is "worthy of the gospel" actually is evidenced. Paul wrote to the Romans Your obedience has become known to all. Therefore I am glad on your behalf' but I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil (Ro 16:19). Sadly, this is not true with the majority of those I come in to contact who profess faith in Jesus. Francis Chan is right when he says The American church is a very difficult place to live out Biblical Christianity. After almost 40 years of walking with the Lord, and 37 years in ministry I have to concur. Still, God is moving and I am praying for an awakening in the body of Christ. Father, please bring another Jesus Movement!


Jesus G said...

Pastor I agree that we need a revival, most Christians I've come in contact with have this superficial relationship with God. I remember when I was saved 8 years ago, I could say that everything I did was based around God's word, I could make the comment that I was "on fire" for the Lord. A year after my conversion I attended Biola University to pursue a Masters in Apologetics, just to get myself immersed in God's word. To know it, to live it, and to share it. As a matter of fact every time I attend service I feel like sharing what I've learned and shaking people into understanding the messages. Two Sunday's ago you shared on chapter 1 of Colossians. I felt that the content of the message would have been appropriate to give an open invitation for people to accept Christ, and you didn't give the invitation. After the service was over a few brothers in Christ were wondering why you didn't. I mentioned to the brothers that I felt the audience wasn't fully grasping the message, and this is not to impugn your teaching on the message but the message was a hard message for individuals to grasp. The message includes the doctrine of redemption through Jesus blood, which is a hard concept for individuals who are superficial to understand. I don't know if that's the reason you didn't give the invitation and I respect what you do, so this is not a criticism to you. I understood it but this is what I think the problem is with the church, they are either too cold or lukewarm. We need to be on fire for the Lord and His word. This brings me to the issue that troubles me the most. The church has activities for the people to get involved and they don't. I am disappointed with the couples in our church. The couple’s ministry is a great place for married couples to learn about their roles and what God's word say on marriage, but most couples in our church don't attend to the studies provided by the church. No wonder we are exceeding the divorce rate in comparison to the secular world. I think we need to get back to the basics and to exhort individuals of their walk. We definitely need a revival.

Smylee said...

This is soo true at the same time we as belivers have to want to be used by the Lord He has given to us gifts and to have that revivel we must want 2 b used by the Lord , to many differant situations out there , that people r hurting with , and to have revival one must be "REVIVED" from there suffering first!!! Thanks ;)

cochise said...

I start off slow..then I ramble.HAHA.
So many times I feel out of my league to talk about Jesus,or to share what God can do for a person,or what he has done in my life.
I have been around discipline people all my life.
It is my prayer folks who come to know and accept Jesus in their heart would committ.At least a few weeks in a New Believers Study,where they must pick up a pen and pencil read and respond to basic fundamentals of knowing God's word.Not so they/me/whosoever can be arrogant,but that we will have built our relationship on a rock,not a sandlyland or too close to the shore to be wiped out.
Also,it is my prayer if folks are dealing with addiction:porn,booz,anger,or whatever..get involved with Lion God's word.
Another prayer!haha.Is young men 18 and over..statrt committing to being in fellowship with older Men in the church:Gideons,Tuesday Morning study,etc.
18 year old Men committ their lives to fight for this country,and sacrifice for the better of our nation.How much better would it be for young men to sacrifice time from cuties.To be with Men who love Jesus committed to fight the good fight with salt.
To be future leader/servants in the Church.
When people say,"My Pastor" I get jealous. I admit.I love and look up to many Pastors.One day...I hope to see Jesus really,but also to call a man my pastor like you call Pastor Chuck.God Bless you Chief!