Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lu 5:39 And no one having drunk old wine, immediately desires new; for he says The old is better.

We moved onto these grounds almost 18 years ago, and from the beginning had three morning services.Over the years, we have gotten used to having three services, and it has pretty much simply been a habit.

For me, it has been a "We have always had three services" kind of thing.

For many years I have wanted to bring the church closer together, to become more like the church that we see in the Book of Acts. A church that was committed to God's Word, prayer, the breaking of bread, and fellowship.

As I have been looking at the church, I have found that we are able to reduce from three to two services, and after much prayer and much time looking at the practical ramifications as well as the logistics of such a move, I have been led to believe we not only can do this, but that we should do this.

I find myself concerned for people who may not be able to make the change, or may simply not want to. Some may even feel so strongly about it that they may choose to go somewhere else. I would hope that would not be the case, but honestly understand and respect anybody's reason to choose to do so.

For me, the blessings seem to outweigh any initial inconveniences and adjustments that we will need to make.

We have opened up more parking on the North lot by tearing down fences, removing trees, and eliminating a structurally deficient workshop. We are grading the dirt, adding crushed gravel, and opening up a new driveway for easier exiting. Initially that area MAY be designated parking for those who have come early to serve in the various ministries for each service, but will also be used for regular parking. We also are creating specified spaces for our bikers, which will help to keep other parking spaces available.

We will continue having the overflow services in the chapel, for latecomers (but be on time!)
Service times will be at 8:30, and 10:30 and we will change the evening service to 5 pm and we are looking at the best time for our Spanish language Sunday morning study but it will more than likely meet at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday night times will remain the same.

These changes will take place on July 25th: please mark your calendar if you plan on being with us.

One other thing: I am considering returning to the Sunday night teaching, and if I do, I will simply teach the same message I gave in the morning, which will be like having a third service.
Please keep all of this in prayer. I do not take this lightly, but do believe it is something I am being led by the Spirit to do and expect the Lord to bless abundantly.


cochise said...

What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to fellowship in a amazing place like Chino Valley!There really is no deep thought on change here.Just the thought of what a blessing it is to be in a free nation and to have the ability to gather and worship Jesus on a wonderful campus.Seven days a week ministry is taking place for the equipping of the saints.It is my prayer for folks who fellowship at CalvaryCCV to take a good look at the church campus,and just thank God for every inch of land God has provided.Much prayer and love Chief!

ilovetolaugh said...

"The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." 2Chornicles 16:9..praying that our fellowship will be strengthened through these changes..and remembering that there is no limit to what the Lord can do as we seek His glory not our own..may God continue to show you His will for our fellowship..you're in our prayers Pastor..Love to u and your family! :)