Wednesday, March 10, 2010

With All of Your Heart

I was so blessed by Ryan and Sonny's testimonies that they recently gave here at the church. We are truly moved as we consider what the Lord wants to do for this new generation, and the response to the "authenticity" of their faith and conversions really has been a blessing to me on a very personal level.
I was speaking to Ryan recently and told him that what he has just encountered is what his dad Raul Ries, Mike MacIntosh, Bob Grenier, I, and so many others have experienced and that we, who were considered "radicals" when we were young and had become Jesus Freaks have been given such a boost when we have been able to see what God did in his life, as well as the movement that is really beginning to gain momentum through him and his friends. Bless God, it is so "time" for an awakening!
The psalmist wrote: I will praise You, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works (Ps 9:1) and this is what we are seeing now in the lives of our youth and I am, along with so many other pastors, very refreshed as I see a new generation arising to bring the glorious gospel to a dead and dying world.
Keep the Whosoevers in prayer, as the devil is not happy and is going to begin an onslaught on them. Pray that they will stay in the Word, prayer, fellowship, and the freshness of God's Spirit, and pray that the "church" will stand with them as they go in to the pit of hell to rescue people. I love these kids and want to see the Lord work through them!