Friday, November 21, 2008

Now What?

I was reading my bible the other day, and the passage I was looking at related to the manner in which Christians are to live, and how we are to think. Paul was writing of how believers are to walk in love, even as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us. He went on to say because of this, sexual immorality, impurity, and covetousness should not even be named amongst the saints. There should be no filthiness, foolish talking, crude joking in our lives because this is all out of place, but instead of these things, we should give thanks to God (Eph 5:1-15). I began to think: Paul could be writing to our nation and the church should wake up. 
When I look around today, I am not surprised at the casual sin and the accepting, tolerating attitude of people in general. God knows that is simply an expression of an unredeemed nature. People who do not claim to have a relationship with the Lord and His word cannot be expected to think or act in accordance to His will, though there are times that they most certainly do things that are charitable and caring, or sacrificial and result in good for those around them. 
What bothers me and saddens, even grieves me is when I see those who claim to be believers arguing in favor of things that the bible clearly condemns. 
I expected the election to turn out the way it did, and in this blog put forth some of the concerns that I had about it. Of course, Christians representing both parties let their thoughts be known, and I read all the comments written concerning why my thoughts were wrong or right. The funny thing is, some people think that I am a staunch Republican when in fact I am more Independent in my outlook on some issues. I vote for the person most closely mirroring my conscience, and do not vote along party lines if I disagree with the person's positions. I do not echo party line talking points, but try to think for myself. And my thinking is informed, not by the newspaper or televised news accounts (which are without argument biased to the "left") but by the word of God. After reading it for 38 years, and studying and teaching it for 35, I would guess that my way of thinking has been influenced by what I read in scripture. Which is why I teach in the manner I do, and write the things I write.
 For some, my opinions are just that, my opinions and on many matters, indeed that is what they are, simply my musings and opinions. Still, I would simply encourage believers to make sure that their opinions are formed through careful reading of the word of God with a desire to align with Him. This is what I would hope for all Christians, that we would consult the Lord and His word, in order to come into alignment with Him and what He has said in His word. 
Without a doubt, people today are much more callused to truth than in any other time I can remember. The filth of the world has pretty much polluted the moral base of this great nation, and I remain concerned at the lack of discernment many have. 
I was thinking about how people got to the place of thinking that marriage is inconsequential, and unnecessary to protect. Part of my answer came as I was flying home from a recent trip. The airline offered free movies, several one could select by simply scrolling through a personal screen and clicking "play movie". Under the heading of "comedy" were several recent movies, so I began watching them. I opened up three of them, and turned each one off within a couple of minutes. Each one had language that I can't repeat, and scenes that were pornographic. These were movies that any kid could turn on and watch, unedited, and I was shocked that this is what people watch and have no problem with. 
Some argue that such viewing does not effect the way people think, but a recent study reveals the opposite. What you watch most definitely influences how you think, and what you will do. Our society is totally callused, and the sad thing is that the church is too. 
The fact is, when so many have gone through divorces themselves, marriage loses its shine, especially when the persons going through the divorce are Christians. The ones most troubled are the children, who see marriage as something that doesn't necessarily work out, and isn't really something that lasts a lifetime. Millions have been broken through divorce, depreciating the value of marriage, and so ultimately it all boils down to "love". Since love is something we all need, why not let people who love one another get married, even if they are of the same sex? After all, marriage isn't that sacred, is it? 
Simplistic ramblings, I know, but true nonetheless. What we watch, read, listen to, think about, and eventually desire is what we ultimately do. I pray that people in our church will actually begin reading, thinking about, desiring, and ultimately begin doing that which pleases the Lord. And it all begins with loving Him, reading His word, and determining to keep it.