Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Generation

One of the saddest commentaries on the spiritual life of Israel can be found in Judges 2:10 which points out that a generation arose that did not know the LORD nor the work He had done for Israel. As a veteran of the Jesus Revolution, it pains me to think of how ineffective many of us have been in communicating our faith to the next generation, and it seems to me that the Lord would have us redouble our efforts at winning the young to Jesus.
The overwhelming majority of people between 18-35 have no concept of what truth is, if there is such a thing, its origin, or if anybody has any authority to even say that they have it! There is such a lack of respect for pastors and bible teachers! A recent poll concluded that the most trusted professional is a nurse, followed by pharmacists, veterinarians, followed by medical doctors and kindergarten teachers: clergy members came in sixth! Think about it, people trust their nurses more than they trust a pastor. How did this happen? Sadly, some pastors have done terrible things, and the public has come to mistrust the profession as a whole. Heap on this teachers who are antagonistic towards the bible and a lack of respect for things holy, and it is easy to see how people would misunderstand us and our message.
Change has got to come, real change, and I pray that the Lord will reach us all in such a way as to compel us to live our lives more deeply committed to him. I am also praying for a new Movement, and with this in mind on the 28th of this month, I will have Ryan Ries share for a few minutes on Sunday morning about an upcoming outreach called the Whosoever Tour. Ryan and many young believers want a new Revolution, and I think God can use him and some of his friends to stir us up. Bring some young people to church on Sunday the 28th, and let's see what happens!