Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a few things

It's been some time since I have blogged, but it is time to lay a couple of things down. First, I got the weirdest post that will go unpublished by someone extremely carnal (using improper language) and obviously very unstable. These kinds of people exist everywhere, and some even go to church but are in such terrible shape in life that they really can't hear good because they are too busy fussing over perceived evils. Such was the case of the recent writer. I don't know if they will actually open up this page again, but in the event that they do I would invite them to write me with a return address so that we can discuss their issue and perhaps help them to see that they are sadly mistaken in what they believe to be true. I do invite the writer of said note to write me at and we can discuss your allegations against the pastor you have libeled.

On another note, we have started praying as a group before and after the message is delivered, and for those who may be having difficulty adjusting, I would encourage you to hold and and see what the Lord does through this.

Why are we doing this, you might ask. Well, I am doing it because I was part of such a service, and it moved me spiritually in a very deep way, and when something blesses me I desire to share such blessings with our sheep. Over the years we have grown (and receded) many times, and from my perspective it is just the right season for us to grow up and to pray with one another. After all, that is what the early church did (Ac 2:42-47) and God used it to glorify Himself and to bring great numbers of people into a saving relationship with Him.

We live in an entertainment oriented society, and churches like ours can very easily lose sight of Jesus and just become an organization with little or no spiritual activity that is not centered on somebody else doing something for us. Think about it: you come to church, park your car, deliver kids to childcare, enter in, sit down all with the help of somebody else. The worship team leads us in songs (we don't have to memorize the words, they are on a screen), we sing, the bulletin is read to us, and then I come out and pray, teach, pray and then you sing and leave. Pretty clean, but the only thing you have had to do is to listen (if you aren't texting). I just don't think that is the right way to "be" the church, and so by introducing a time of prayer (30 seconds) the church actually has a chance to do what the church is supposed to do!

Some can't handle this, and I understand. But I would rather have a small group of people who hunger to do what the Lord wants then a huge group of people who just don't care and aren't willing to grow. With that said, please keep this change in prayer as it has actually caused some to leave and to go where nothing is required from them other than to show up, which is the way they like it. For us over here, we will continue doing what will ultimately lead to a healthy and spiritually strong church.


Jesus G said...

Thank you for making the change, this makes individuals be participants in the service. We need to be more involved in this relationship that we have with God and start conversing with Him as a church. I hope the individuals that have left won't deter you from continuing to have individuals pray before service. We do this on a daily basis as we read God's word, but especially when we go to church on Sundays, for we know that we will hear what God has for us, through the teachings on Sundays. Thank you for the change the church needs to be more active.

Maurice said...

Amen Prayer thats what the church is all About !

ilovetolaugh said...

it's God's will for believers to pray with one another..i believe the Lord will bless your decision.."A wise man's heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction." Proverbs 16:23..thank you Pastor David for encouraging us to do the Lord's will..blessings to you and your you!! :)

helen said...

Pastor David......such a joy to watch you be obedient to the Holy Spirit in how HE would see HIS church to be. You are an awesome pastor, teacher and friend. We are blessed to have you as our pastor. What a good shepherd you are!!!!