Saturday, September 6, 2008

A wonderful day

Today I taught at the Calvary Chapel South Bay Men's Conference, and it was quite a blessing. Raul Ries was the first teacher, and his heartfelt cry to the men to yield to the Holy Spirit was timely, moving, and very important. The men responded with great emotion to the call, and I was blessed to see such a response, and to also feel a personal desire for more of the Lord in my life. The second speaker was a missionary to the Sudan. He came and spoke to us, and his message was very convicting and encouraging at the same time. He shared stories of the men he trains as chaplains, and how they have given up everything to follow the Lord. Some have been murdered, others have been tortured, and yet others have had their wives and children killed for the simple reason that they are Christians, living in a Muslim environment. It was sobering, and made me reconsider what I actually think are the "costs" of following Jesus. When I spoke, my message was simple: if I love Jesus, I will obey Him.  I am greatly concerned that my love for Him actually grows daily, and that I avoid the trap of getting busy doing ministry and forgetting why I do what I do. As I write this, I am getting ready to travel to the Santa Cruz, Ca area to teach at a Calvary Chapel Pastor's/leaders conference. I pray that the message God has placed on my heart, as well as the hearts of the other teachers,  is received and that we who lead churches will learn to walk in God's Spirit and to become people whose faith is real, and evident. God bless you all, and I pray the Lord continues working in all of our lives. Hope to see many of you in church service tomorrow, and may the Lord draw you closer to Himself! 


Max Solis said...

Hello Pastor Dave,
I was with a friend Saturday at Calvary South Bay...
...We really felt as if we got fed (with the Word & with the tacos)LOL.
I got goose bumps while listening to Mr. Bentley's stories from Africa. It is truely amazing to know the cost of our faith & how blessed we are to live in America. I pray that, with the up coming elections, those that are elected as our leaders, would be Godly leaders.
I thank God for the work that He is doing in you, I pray that you will be able to reach brothers & sisters in Santa Cruz.
I really liked Sunday's Word!
"The Lord's Prayer"
Take care & God Bless

Thomas said...

Its ironic that you write of that missionary to the Sudan and how his stories of murder, torture, etc., can and have touched peoples' souls and thoughts. I sometimes struggle with the same "torture" as most of my "friends" from my past have basically cut me off. Now, dont take it the wrong way, they are all great, successful individuals, but we just march to a different beat now. Where I used to be number 1 on most of their speed dials, sometimes I wonder if I am even on the call list anymore. Walking with Christ can be lonely sometimes but when I think of my life after this one, it makes it all worth it. As I write this comment, I am watching your online service all the way from the Northeast and the worship team is singing "How Great Is Our God." Well if that aint the thruth:) Blessings!

Bon said...

Pastor David, I am just one person in the family of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley and I know GOD has given you so many messages that speak directly to me. Messages that allow me to come closer to the LORD and share the love of our Savior JESUS with others. Help me make some of the days that just seem like the light is not on and then I remember messages you have preached or actually preach on the radio, which I listen to Monday - Friday. I am so grateful to Pastor Chuck and his Pastors who are truly living for the LORD and sharing his word to those that are lost and those that love the LORD everyday but at times struggle. I've stop this message and currently just lifting you in prayer and your family to not doubt yourself of our Father's present/love and if you were to get out of line of his wanting to bring you right back in. After all don't be to hard on yourself, you are human. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I even think the illness you occurred not to long ago happened to bring you to another level and much stronger in your faith. That's just how much our Father loves you and brings many of those in your congregation closer to him. I thank you for accepting JESUS many years ago and currently preaching the word to my family and myself in the past few years. You are a true man of GOD.