Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just checking in

I have been gone for the last several days, on what is a working vacation kind of thing. We went to Mt. Hermon (near Santa Cruz) on Sunday Sept 7, and taught at a pastor's/leadership conference twice. On Wednesday, the 10th, we left Mt. Hermon and stayed in Carmel for a couple of days, and then drove on to Pismo Beach for two more days, getting home on Sunday, the 14th. From that point on, we have been at home and have been kind of relaxing and taking care of a few things. We are getting ready for our Friday night of prayer, and that is what is on my mind at the moment. This nation is in need of prayer, and it will be a blessing for us to get together with other church bodies to lift up our marriages and families. At the moment, I am not overly concerned about this nation, as I see it as becoming ready for a new move of the Spirit. As I read the Old Testament book of Judges, I see how there are actually cycles that the nation traveled through, from God's presence to God's judgment, and then back to God's presence and I see similarities in this nation. It is obvious that we have not yet been forsaken by God; the fact is, we are the most blessed nation on planet earth, but what we need to do is return to the God of our fathers, plain and simple. I think our marriages and families, as Christians, need to once again take the center place of our faith as the strength of the nation is built on the strength of its families. We need to honor our promises to God, and to our spouses once again, and we need to preserve our homes so that our children will learn how to live for Jesus, and become decent people and good citizens. I sure pray that this is what is emphasized when we get together, and I for one am ready to call our churches back to fellowship with God, and a walk that is worthy of the gospel of Jesus. If you are able to join us, please make every effort to do so. If you cannot, please take time on Friday to pray for a revival in this nation, and a renewed hunger for our marriages and families to be built up in Jesus. The time is short, and it is high time to awaken to the things of the Lord. May God hear our prayers for this beautiful country we have been so blessed to live in! 

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Alicia said...

Hi Pastor David,
I am so happy to hear that you and Miss Marie are having a pleasant time off. (Carmel has been one of the most charming cities that I have had the pleasure to visit!)
I was very interested to read your thoughts on the coming movement of the Holy Spirit. I thought about this, after reading your comment, and was very happy to realize that what you say about "cycles" is true.
So many times in your messages, a word or phrase will just really strike me. Today it was, "what we need to do is return to the God of our fathers, plain and simple." !! Oh my goodness, that is so true! We do need to return to that other time, and this action IS so plain and simple! Our Nation has been moving further and further away from having the Lord as our center and we need a fire in our souls to awaken us, raise us up, clear our eyes and ears and bring Jesus back to the place in our lives where He belongs.
I have long had revival imprinted on my heart and when I hear someone speak of it, my heart literally jumps for joy.
Thank you for having the Night of Prayer this coming Friday, I will definitely pray for the gathering and until then...I'm going to pick up my bible and start reading Judges.