Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi Again

Recently I was asked what I think the purpose of this blog is, and thought I would reiterate what I felt I had recently said, for those who might not have noticed. The purpose of this blog is to say what is on my mind and to give people opportunity to read it. Some comments that are sent to me might be posted, some might be referred to, and others will simply be deleted. I don't post every response, only a few, and normally want them to be of the encouraging sort, knowing that there are people reading this blog who might not understand the reason some write the way they do, or understand why they might write kind things to me. Just so that you might know, I delete most of the responses because I am trying to keep this from becoming a "David Love Fest" or, for that matter, a "Let's kill the egomaniac" kind of thing. Of course, other people have their own reasons for blogs and that is fine with me. Some think a blog is a place to get dialogue going with others, some think it is a place to share what's on their hearts, and some think it is a place to give opportunity for "hurt" people to vent their anger in a public forum. You know, get direct and let others in on the argument. That way, when people have a chance to see some "hurt" person vent their spleen, they can jump on in and let the self-absorbed guy know how hurtful he is. Whatever the reasons others have, the reason I have this blog is to just share what is on my mind at any given time. I actually thought it would be a good place to share with my fellowship, and have enjoyed doing so, and from the responses I have gotten, it seems that some appreciate the time and effort being made to be in contact with them in this manner. I have gotten to enjoy taking the few moments it takes to write this blog, in that for me, it is another opportunity of saying hello to members of our fellowship and even the larger body of Christ. With all of the things going on here, it is pretty much impossible for me to be able to spend even a moment with members of this church, and the best I have been able to do is to spend time with them at events or retreats, and the few moments we have after church services. Still, I want to thank those of you who understand those limitations, and want you to know that I have been personally blessed by your service and goodness to the Lord and to me and my family. This church has a large percentage of people involved serving the Lord here, in one form or another. Some places have a small number doing most of the serving, but the Lord has seen fit to touch many hearts to find a place of service. At the moment, I am spending time with over 60 men who have a desire to become leaders in the body of Christ, and it has been such a blessing to see them growing and learning simple principles of ministry. For me, it is a blessing to be able to spend that kind of time with them. We had our marriage retreat, and it was a blessing and joy to be able to visit with so many, and I look forward to more opportunities. Thank you for understanding that in a large church such as ours, that it is never going to be possible for us to really get to know one another (outside of heaven), but thank you for not making it so important to know me as to know the Lord. Also, since I sometimes get interesting posts, it would be good if you want me to personally reply, to simply include your email address and I will do my best to reply, personally. If you do not go to this church, it would be all the more important to do so, as giving your name really isn't going to help me if I can't write you back! I get quite a number of emails a week, and I take the time to personally respond to each one of them, so if you want a response, please put your return address and I will get back to you! Or, if you'd like, write me at God bless you all, and when you go to church this Sunday, try to listen to what is being said! You just might learn something about Jesus that will change your life and heart! Who knows, anything is possible!


ChArGerGirL said...

Hi Pastor David you might remember me as calling you "Papa PD". Wow i like how you just let people know why you have a Blog. Many people don't understand why a pastor would have a blog but i think its pretty cool. Anyways, it is a blessing to know that you have a blog. I wasn't really into blogging but i just start school this month and one of my classes said i need to have a blog so i was like BORING! LOL but after i have found that you had a blog it makes me more in to letting people know about how i feel and also about the Lord. So thank you "Papa PD" just kidding Thank you pastor David. God Bless You

Deborah said...

Hi Pastor David,

I think it is awesome that you have a blog so others will know what is on your mind (besides hearing it from the pulpit). It seems easier to say what needs to be said in this forum. I agree when you point out that some use blogs as a hurtfest. I look forward to "hearing" more. May God continue to use and bless you in a mighty way.


circleslash said...

You have the right idea of what a blog is. It's a great place to keep your thoughts down for the sake of history. I like that. But your thoughts are really appreciated. I've been going to CCCV since 2002 and I've never met you. So this closes the gap some for me. Keep it up.

carrielk52 said...

So many people I know say they don't like a large church because they can't get to know their pastor. Well, this blog is a great way for them to "hear" your heart about different issues, feel alittle more connected with you and have a way to interact. I know you have a heavy schedule and I appreciate that you take the time to share your "musings" with us. Everytime Jesus spoke it wasn't always a sermon. Sometimes He just sat and talked with those He loved, kind of like this blog!!!

Carrie Kahle