Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Writing a blog is actually something I have grown to enjoy, in that it gives me an opportunity to write what is on my mind or heart in a spontaneous way. Church life, personal life, it all will eventually have an opportunity of being expressed, and for those who log on, it is something they have access to and kind of an open window to my life. Recently, I wrote of Christopher Laurie's home going and did so while reflecting on how this event would effect a friend of mine and of all who know him and his family. For me, as a minister, such tragic events seem to hit closer because of the similarity of duties shared amongst ourselves. It isn't that our lives are entirely different then other people's lives, it is that every person has an environment that they live in that makes their situation somewhat unique except to the group that shares that environment. Military personnel, police officers, fire fighters, and a whole list of others have a commonality that makes them closer to one another then they are to those outside of their chosen professions. Because of this, I had a sympathy for Greg and Cathe that is unique to my calling. My church was deeply touched by Christopher's death, sympathizing with the Laurie family, and I wrote concerning this. Which brings me to what's on my mind: Every person who has spoken to me about my praying for or writing concerning the Laurie's appreciated it. They realized it was out of sympathy and sorrow that I wrote, a sorrow they shared. Every person that is, except for one, whose name is anonymous. Funny thing, by the way anonymous wrote, I know who he is, but the things written were sad and tragic in their own way. Our church is fairly large, and most people do not know that we conduct between 40 to 50 funerals a year. I do not perform all of the funerals, and I do not mention names of those who have died from my pulpit. If I did so, I would more than likely be saying something about someone going home almost every week. Still, anonymous thinks I mentioned Christopher Laurie because his father "is a well known pastor". No, I mentioned this because his father is my friend, and as a shepherd I understand how it feels to suffer personal pain and to still come to a pulpit to minister to people. At any rate, the reason for this post is to simply say, if people sign their names to their posts, it is to be preferred over hiding behind the wall of anonymity and tossing hand grenades. Just last night in a leadership class I was asked if it bothered me when people made unfounded accusations, and I said no, you kind of get used to it. Still, I would prefer it if those who write me to at least sign their names, and if there is any rebuke or correction they think I should receive, well they can approach me at church and let me know face to face. I realize that the way people are today, those who are bitter will take the opportunity to write out their anger, and I have expected some interesting posts, but still, I continue hoping that this blog actually ministers to those who read it with an interest in our church and the maturity it requires to understand its purpose. This will be the only post like this, as from this time on I will simply delete the odd post and save all of you the trouble of reading me rant on!


Jenifer said...

Pastor David,

I have to say that I too had deep sorrow to hear of Christopher Laurie's passing. I was very thankful that you wrote about it and I want to say that your words spoke to me. I do not know the Lauries personnally, but I did mourn with them and I was also inspired by their strength at this time. They have a great peace knowing that Christopher is with our Lord and that gives me peace. This has given me a desire to know the Lord even more. I want to thank you Pastor David for your words on this.

God Bless You,

:corinne: said...

Pastor we got your blog "Back"! LOL Very well said and I'm looking forward to the wonderful posts that you will share straight from your heart as well as the post in regards to Christopher Laurie! It's a tragie thing, however we know that he's with our Lord!

Alicia said...

Hi Pastor David,
I know we were all shocked and saddened to hear of the heartbreak that the Laurie family is going through. It seems that everywhere I went in the days following the accident, I would meet someone else that knew of the accident and was also grieving along with our church family.
I have a very dear friend who attends CCCV and her parents attend Harvest. They are the dearest people you would ever want to meet...so gentle and loving. They were having a hard time with the loss of Christopher...just grieving for him and for his family. My friend told me that her parents were so grateful to see Pastor Greg on the Sunday following the accident. That day Pastor Greg was comforted by the love from his congregation. They, in turn, were consoled by his words and his presence.
Which brings me back to you, Pastor David, and the words "anonymous" wrote to you. (Which, incidentally, were words most likely written from a broken and grieving heart. And as such I lift him up in prayer.)
Whether you are writing about the Laurie family or standing in the pulpit and praying for them here is my truth Pastor David:
If you are our shepherd and we are your sheep, then aren't we led to church at times like these to look to you for comfort and guidance? I too am grateful for the words that the Lord gives you to reassure us at times like these.
Love in our Wonderful Jesus,