Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Thinking

Marie and I are on vacation (kind of), but took the time to go to Washington DC and Manhattan. We went to the National Hispanic Pastor's conference and prayer breakfast in DC, and then went to Harvest Manhattan to minister. While in NYC, Marie shared at a woman's brunch, and I taught the Sunday morning service. While in DC, I was reminded as to why we believers  have received a higher calling, a calling to teach the things of the kingdom of God. We both were saddened by the emphasis of the pastor's prayer conference, in that it seemed that the concerns were more of the political kind than of the spiritual. Of course, such conferences are designed with social concerns in mind, and I do not fault the organizers for such a direction, in that as salt and light, the church is most definitely called to exert influence in all facets of society (when possible). Still, after hearing the campaign managers for both presidential candidates, we were especially saddened to note that, when given opportunity to ask questions of the managers, none of the questions asked by my fellow pastor's related to moral issues, such as abortion, or gay marriage. We were especially turned off by the representative of Barack Obama, as he (in Marie and my opinion) exuded a kind of pride that was disturbing. We came away with a feeling that he was certain that Obama had our votes in his pocket, and it disturbed me greatly. As a pastor I realize that I am not in charge of my church's political thought life, and frankly have no desire to be in that kind of position. Still, it is disheartening when you hear pastor's applauding candidates that hold views that we the pastor's of America, are actually mandated to cry out against, and simultaneously know that many in our church will vote with their emotions and not with their moral conscience!  I honestly fear for our nation, especially when I consider that many people are voting for change, but haven't even noted what kind of change may happen, and what will happen to us as a nation when such change occurs. Not all change is good, so this mantra of change has really gotten under my skin. Personality and charisma drives voters, and it concerns me that many seem to vote with their emotions and not with their reason. The next president will appoint Supreme Court justices, and we have all seen what happen when the unrighteous make judgments. Just consider the recent California court decision regarding homosexual marriages and you will see what is going to happen if a liberal president gets in to the White House. Morals are determined very often by the legality of an action, not the rightness of it. God help us all if we do not wake up and make our voices known at the ballot box. Sadly, the overwhelming evangelical voter eligible to vote, still does not cast the vote, and hence all it takes for evil to triumph is for the good to do nothing. On to NY, we were so blessed to minister at Harvest Manhattan. Pastor Mike and Diane Finizio are great people, and we truly enjoyed our time with them, as well as Jose and Julie Rivera. They are wonderful people and we really have grown to love them. Now, we are home for a few days and I am going to try to rest, but I look forward to returning to my pulpit and conducting our first baptism of the summer. We will baptize 2-300 people on July 13th, and it will be such a blessing. God is so good to us, we are so blessed and honored to serve Him. I already miss the church, and look forward to just being there with my people. 


david said...

Good to hear about your trip.Glad your back. Were ready for John and Luke.

Cochise said...

God Bless you and your wife on your vacation. I hope that you had wonderful time.
It is encouraging to me and I am thankful for your "blog". I am so thankful for you and your ministry.
I am proud of my hispanic ancestory, but I definetly know that is not a factor when it comes to my relationship and obediance to the Lord, and it has no bearing on my weeping for those that do not know Christ.
It is sad to see the direction this country can go under misguided and poor leadership.
Again it is encouraging for a leader in the Body like yourself to state his take on a conference that does have an influence on our nation's leadership.
Though I love listening to you, Pastor Pancho, and Pastor Raul, I do know it is the message of Jesus Christ impacting and saving lives that is important.
Being Hispanic is a plus as long as its for the Glory of God.

God Bless you! God Bless America!

eric davis said...

I've been feeling the same way Pastor. I was talking to my wife the other day about how people in the church just are not concerned with what the Word has to say about today's issues. That morning Mike C mentioned how 400 signitures were collected for the marriage bill in November, I am shocked that out of a church of 8000 we only had 400.
Even though I know that in the last days people will no longer care for sound doctrine, it still angers and saddens me. I talk to people and all they care about is how much $$$ the president will put in their pocket through gov programs or their stance on education, or the environment, moral convictions are hardly an issue. Thank you again Pastor for standing for truth.