Saturday, July 12, 2008

Interesting Feedback

My recent post about my Joshua got some interesting feedback, so I thought I would talk a bit about it! First, there is no hidden message, I am not planning on leaving the scene soon and honestly hope to be in the pulpit well into my sixties, or longer. I can see how it could be construed that I might be sending a subtle message, but no, I am not hinting towards a soon departure, just musing about what I am looking to do in the future. Which brings me to the other thing I am responding to, which is why not be looking for a middle-aged man to take over. The way I see it, if I have a young man now that I am working with, or even in the near future, by the time I leave the pulpit, that young man will be what is called a middle-aged man! If I have the strength and ability to stay in the pulpit for, say fifteen more years, then any man that I may presently be mentoring will be fifteen years older, which would bring him into his forties, so in reality, though I may be looking for a young man to mentor, I will leave a seasoned man in the pulpit! But, if I have a man in his forties now, he might as well retire with me when I step out! Anyway, that is what I am looking to do, disciple a young man for many years and then hopefully, leave the ministry in his hands. But, enough of that already! I am looking forward to church services tomorrow, as once again I will have the joy of being with the church and enjoying the fellowship. I was told that our recent night of worship went beautifully, and that the Lord really was present with the people. This is wonderful. We even have seen the Lord bringing hearing impaired believers to worship, as one of the people coming can sign for the deaf. What a blessing that is! Truly the Lord inhabits the praises of His people, and it is such a wonderful time of singing and praising the Lord. I encourage you who are reading this blog that if you can show up to worship, by all means, do so. Come worship and praise the Lord with your brothers and sisters, and be edified in your walk with Jesus! I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, and on Sunday night, we will be so blessed to baptize so many believers! Praise the Lord, He is so good to us!


Cyn said...

The night of worship was incredible. God surely moved . . . His incredible love is beyond comprehension.

Max Solis said...

Thanks for the message Sunday! I know you have nothing but the best intensions for our Chuch Family, because you are a "Good Shepard" and will always take care of your flock. I want to be the "Good Shepard" our Lord wants me to be. I never heard Psalms 139 like I did on Sunday. God is always with us, in good or bad situations, we are never alone. Thank you, David!

Radioman said...

Pastor David I appreciate the fact that you will not turn from the right or to the left, but teach the Word of God. Thank You!