Thursday, June 19, 2008

random thoughts

I enjoyed our study last night. Sometimes I just blow my mind at what the Lord has done, and what He is doing right now. I am so blessed by the sense of worshipfulness this church has. It truly blesses me to hear the singing, and to just be part of such a wonderful group of people. The Lord truly has been good to His word with us, and I am just so blessed to be here with such loving people. Next month we will celebrate 27 years of meeting on Sunday mornings. We actually began our church in May of '81, but it was meeting on Wednesday nights at that time. We didn't begin the study with the intention of starting a church, but due to various circumstances we created and found ourselves in, that Wednesday night study became a Sunday morning church. I didn't start Sunday morning services with any aspirations for such a large work, but in reality started Sunday services because I didn't know which church my family and I should attend, in that I had resigned my position of assisting Pastor of another Calvary Chapel. My sister in law Patty asked me where I was planning on going to church, and I told her I hadn't decided yet. She said until I decide, would it be ok if I taught her on Sunday's, and so I said that would be fine until we find a church to go to: that was 27 years ago next month. Indeed, God's ways are not our ways and yes, His plans are so much more than we could ask or even think. To  God be the glory, He has been so good to us! 

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