Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's been awhile

Well, the month of Sept is almost over, and the Sunday night services emphasizing reaching the lost have had a wonderful impact. We saw quite a number of people respond to the invitations, and I am so blessed that our wonderful friends came and ministered to all who showed up. Mike MacIntosh, David Trujillo, and Pancho Juarez took time out of their very busy schedules to come and minister to us, and I thank God for them and their friendship, but especially for the love they have for the Lord and the lost. For those who showed up for those services, I am sure you were just as blessed as I was to see what God was doing.
I realize that special services draw people on a one time basis. Some like certain speakers, and so they make an effort to be there to hear them. My encouragement would be, now that so many have taken the time and made the effort to come, those of you who have done so can be encouraged to continue doing so. It is so important to be fed, and if you are able to make it out to a Sunday night service, then please continue doing so. It is such a blessing to see so many getting fed, and so many lives being changed for the good. Keep it up!
I am not sure yet what we will do on Sunday nights, but I am already making efforts to invite friends to bring messages. Still, God's word, worship, and withness is available to any who desire it, and hopefully Sunday night will once again be a blessing for many.
On another note, the yearly Woman's conference we have here is coming up soon. I encourage every woman to come if possible, and prayerfully many will bring friends whom we can introduce to Jesus Christ. The conference is for teaching as well as winning people to Jesus, so mark your calendars and be with us. It is October 17th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The yearly men's conference in Anaheim is scheduled for the next Saturday, Oct 24th and should be a blessing. Men, it is always a blessing having you there with us, so please come and be encouraged.
Finally, I am looking closely at the 1835 trip to Israel that is scheduled for April. If we don't have more sign ups, we will be canceling the tour. If you are considering going, you will need to put your deposit down real soon, or we will have to cancel. No pressure, if you can't do it, hey maybe some other time. But if you want to go, and it can be worked out, please get your deposit in ASAP so we can secure the flights! Love you guys, and hope to see you tonight or Sunday!

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Love you too Pastor.