Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Beginnings

Well, the trip to Wisconsin was good. We left on Thursday morning (Marie and I) and arrived in Chicago after 3 1/2 hours, for an hour layover. While there, I grabbed a Chicago dog (hot dog) and really enjoyed it....for some reason, I have always liked hot dogs, and I especially like Chicago dogs....they are just delicious. Anyway, after that we got on a plane and made it to Appleton, WI in less than 35 minutes. The conference had already begun, so we got there in time for the evening service, spent time with some friends and went to the hotel. We have a few churches that we planted in the area, and it was a blessing to see some of the guys. Jeff from Madison, WI and Bill from Moline, IL were there, as well as Mike Whitney who came all the way from Great Falls, MT showed up, too so it was a blessing to see them. We have a brother from Iowa City, IA who wanted to come, but at the lost moment was unable to...bummer. It would have been nice seeing him.
We taught on the church in the Last Days, and looked at the 7 churches of Revelation to do so. We are definitely living in the end times, and as we went through those churches, you couldn't help but see how they are pictures of the church today. 
Upon returning home, we had the joy of being in church on Sunday. Originally I had planned on taking the day off, but it just didn't work out. Still, it is always a blessing to be with the church, which brings up current news.
I am blessed to know that between 13-1500 people think their faith is important enough to make it out for our Truth Project series. That blesses me, because the teaching is different in style but so rich in content. If you are reading this and are able to make it to the study, and haven't been yet, please make an effort to be there. It will enrich your faith tremendously.
Also, next Monday is the first 18-35 bible study in the Song of Songs. I will be teaching from the direction of love and romance in relationships. We don't have childcare, but I think we will have around 300 or so there, at least for the first study! People have a tendency of jumping on the wagon quickly, and falling off even quicker! Still, Marie and I look forward to spending time with that age group, taking questions afterwards, and spending time with them. We have looked at taking that age group to Israel next year, and have a bit of get a good price will require 35 sign ups, so let's see how many people actually can go. The price is still high, and I am trying to find a way of bringing it down to something more manageable, but we shall see. As for now, the price is around $3700, give or take a couple of hundred dollars, so let's see if anybody actually can afford the trip. If they can't, then I will have to think this one through. I really want to go with that age group, and we will do what we can to make it possible. It would require being able to save around $300. a month for the next year to go, and I sure hope people are able to do that. We really love Israel, and the trip is so worth it as it makes your bible come alive. We shall see!
Well, time to sign off....tonight we go into Ezekiel 7, and that ought to be interesting! Judgment, judgment, judgment! Heavy book...pray for me to give the full counsel, but to do so remembering the grace and mercy of God, even if it isn't being spoken of in that passage!


Deiner said...

Pastor David, my husband and I started attending CCCV two months ago. I have been enjoying the Old Testament teachings in Ezekiel and 1 Samuel. The way you teach makes it easier to understand what we read. I'm already looking foward to Wednesday's service.

.:Kristina:. said...

Pastor David, thank you for this new study. I went on Monday and it was such a blessing, not to mention that you are one hilarious human being. Thank you again to you and Marie. So insightful!