Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, we are off today to Israel, and our ride to the airport is getting here in 20 minutes. I thought I would write a quick good-bye to you who have been reading this blog, and hope that it is something you have enjoyed and may even appreciate to some degree.
We had a good study last night, as we have just begun and expedition through Ezekiel. It is an amazing book, and to be honest is a bit difficult to teach, especially when it comes to imagery and the like. Still, I am finding it to be practical, as God emphasizes His word so often in the book. Ezekiel is to speak to a rebellious group of people who are so backslidden God calls them "goy", or gentiles. They are worldly, so worldly that He does not even refer to them as His chosen ones, but simply pagans and heathens. Sad, isn't it? The question is: can He say the same thing to the church today, and the answer is Yes. There are many who think they are saved who are actually still unregenerate, and because this is true, I think this book will be an eye-opener for us all.
My prayer is that we will all get much from this book, and I pray that I will be an encourager and not one who beats or discourages the church through the tough passages. It is so convicting to me, and I pray that the Lord will use it to encourage all His children to love Him and be serious in our walks with Him.
Well, gotta go now, we are about to leave. If you think this blog is worth reading, please drop me a line once in a while and let me know. Though it isn't set up to dialogue (I do that through my email address) I do read each note and appreciate hearing from you. God's blessings be on all of you, and prayerfully we will be home on April 2nd. 
Oh yes, make an effort to be at church, and this next Wednesday when the Katinas are with us, I am sure you will be blessed and encouraged. Steve Mays will also be a blessing, not to mention the other teachers we have listed and ready to go. Dr. Morris is going to bring a dynamite message, so don't miss it! He provides answers for the question of evolution vs. there and be blessed. 
We love you..


SHALOM said...

Pastor David,

This Blog is worth reading . It's a blessing to be able to get a more biblical,practicle perspective on current news events, and more important... the vision that God gives to you concerning our fellowship,along with your concerns, ideas, and musings that may be on your heart.

It would be nice to get to know you and the family. But attending a church as large as ours, it is not always possible. But I know that if you could, you would. So this blog is a great way to communicate your thoughts, and to connect with thousands on a larger scale.

I don't always comment, but I do read it often, and have it as a link on my blog.

May God keep you all as you travel the promise land.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Pastor!
My prayers are with you all! Be blessed in Israel!!!

RVgrandma&grandpa said...

Dear Pastor Rosales:
I've been praying for you, and all from CCCV in Isreal that you'll be safe and blessed. Thank you for leaving our church in good hands. Yesterday was a toal blessing to have guest speaker from legal organization. His message was encouraging to me about my place as a believer in my work, school, and community for the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Also, I plan to be at Wednesday mid-week study to hear Steve Mays. Thank you for your care for the flock in being fed while you're away. Take care~

eric davis said...

I enjoy your blog very much Pastor. In a church the size of ours its nice to be able to hear from you like this, I check it daily. Hope you have a great time in Isreal, prayerfully I'll be able to join you one of these days.
God bless.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Dave! I appreciate your blog, especially your candidness. Thank you for taking the time to communicate to the sheep.
We (my husaband and I) are really growing from the teachings from the OT.

love1another said...

Shalom Pastor David!

Thank you for your teaching through Ezekiel! Just the first couple of chapters have given me a better understanding of God's Word and where prophets get their understanding. It is encouraging to know that God will always be with us when we face difficult people who are so against what we are telling them when we share the gospel or even mention Jesus. Anyway, I look forward to more insights into the Book of Ezekiel and pray that you and all my brothers and sisters from CCCV are having a fantastic, enlightening time in Israel! Thank you for your effective teaching of God's word and its application to daily life. May God Always Bless You and your Family,

Alicia said...

Hi Pastor David,
I do, very much, enjoy your blog and I am surprised by how many people in the fellowship are unaware of it. Also, many people don't have computers and for those of my friends...I am printing the blogs out! They are so happy, as I have told them how I consider your blogs "little mini-messages" and something to look forward to in between bible studies.
Thank you, Pastor David, and know that your words and time are very much appreciated.