Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Year

Well, now that we are a few weeks in to the new year, I can see that we have our work cut out for us. We have a new president, and I am wanting to give him an opportunity to settle in to the position and begin his job. The whole media nation has certainly taken to him, with lots of love from the press (Bernie Goldberg refers to the media as his base) and we hear glowing things every time we open the paper or listen to the news. 
So, we shall see. 
With this kind of "free pass" having no one willing to criticize anything he does, I am sure he will work unopposed for some time. We now have a tax czar who didn't pay taxes, a secretary of state who never had diplomatic experience, and a whole host of old guard politicos in key positions....so much for change! 
On the anniversary week of Roe V. Wade, the rescinding of the prohibition of American tax payer dollars spent on overseas abortions was enacted, opening up federal money to be shipped overseas for abortion clinics while the March for Life (the largest pro-life rally in the US) was ignored. The announcement came on Friday afternoon, the time when this kind of news is best ignored.
Still, we wanted change and we got it, and happy days are here again! 
I am buying Sophia some dolls named after the Obama girls, a dress for Marie modeled after Michelle's, and some coins and commemorative plates with Obama and JFK side by side! This is exciting!  I might even start playing basketball....nah, sorry....no can do! 
With all of this, I am still hopeful because God has a way of waking us up, and I fully expect a wake up call. 
I was mentioning on Sunday that young people have a tendency of wanting young people to lead, and because of this those who are older are not necessarily respected. Job made it clear that with the aged comes wisdom, as time, experience, and the fear of God has a tendency of teaching life lessons that simply accrue over the passing of years. At my age, I do not rally behind younger, unproven leaders but I do have a heart to see them succeed and especially desire our President to succeed. Not because of the "historical significance" but because we love him and want his life to be touched by God, and also because we know that he carries a tremendous weight on his young  shoulders. At my age, I have seen many young men and women with great potential but never living up to it, so my prayer is that Obama will have people of integrity around him, and that if he truly is a Christian (though he said he hasn't been in church regularly for years, and apparently never listened to Rev. Wright) I pray that he will somehow be touched by God. 
During the time of Samuel, when Eli sinned God sent a man of God to clearly reveal his sin to him, so I pray that the Lord will have prophetic people speaking to Obama, and I pray that he will have the willingness to hear. We should all keep him, his wife, his babies, and this nation in prayer, because at the moment there is no one to oppose a complete transformation of the nation's core, as we know it. The Republican party does not have the votes to keep the Democrats in check, so unless the will of God and the will of the people is understood, many things will be done that bring harm to this great nation. 
Finally, when the terrible tsunami hit southeast Asia, a man was on the shore as the sea began to recede. Seeing all of the fish  exposed, he went out and began gathering them up, thinking he had been blessed with a great catch! A man was on the roof of a building, video taping what was going on and could see the wave in the distance. He began crying out loud to the fisherman to come back to land, to run for his life because the wave was coming, but the fisherman was so caught up with his prosperity that he did not listen to the warning. We saw the video of this event, and saw the wave as it hit him with the force of 1,000 Mac trucks, and he was killed instantly, still holding the fish in his arms. We Pastor's are supposed to cry out warnings when we see danger, but too many people are fishing, caught up with their own prosperity and they do not see the wave as it approaches. I see a wave, it is in the distance, but it is coming....we need to be prayed up because this nation does not see its need for God anymore. 
It just wants fish.


William said...


I loved this blog as it certainly makes sense what you have written. America is in a slumber at present and we seriously need a real awakening.

Everyone talks about "faith" but precious little talk about Jesus.

Helen said...

Hello Pastor David,
Thank you for your comments on this blog. We have been praying for our new president continually and we would ask that all Christians would obediently get down on their knees and pray for this man and his new administration. Our wonderful land of America is in some hurting times now and we need to call upon the Lord for His direction. The people who wanted the "new change" got it and are blinded by the excitement. We too see some not so nice things on the horizon. So, continue to pray we surley will.
Thank you for being so honest with your thoughts and concerns. Your love for your flock, family and friends are very evident in your emails. May our Father continue to watch over you and keep you safe.
Love and blessings,
Ron and Helen

Griselda said...

Pastor David, I feel many people in our country were caught up by the terrible wave, while striving with their ALL to gain more money, yet forgetting the one thing that matters after it is all gone, and that is "ARE THEY STORING RICHES IN HEAVEN, OR ON EARTH?" Sadly many whom were so busy, in pursuing materialism, and worldly lusts, being greedy have awaken to a terrible reality that they have lost their jobs, security, and the fish they thought they caught. Now they have found themselves empty handed, and drowning in their reality when their was warning, and didn't listen. Today,more than ever I realize that it is my responsibility as a Christian to evangelize even more to warn people, of the next prophesied terrible wave for people whom stay for the tribulation, and may find out that it is too late, they were busy again catching all the fish they could get. Thats why I evangelize and catch all the souls I can get for Jesus!