Friday, October 3, 2008

What is truth

When I first became a Christian, it was very refreshing to finally have something that I felt I could hold fast to with complete trust. I knew that the philosophies of the world were vacuous and developed "me first" kinds of people, as I myself had been totally absorbed in the foolishness of the age myself and was a great example of such self-centered living, and so when I came to Christ, truth began to matter. Jesus made it clear that truth matters, and that truth exists. Obviously, He is truth incarnate, but He also speaks that which is true. His word is truth, and truth sets us free from the bondage that sin keeps us locked up in. This is the main reason that I try to teach: truth sets you free. When I look out at our church, I see so many who have come to understand this, people who have been set free from sin. I see former alcoholics, drug abusers, violent people, as well as former adulterers, homosexuals, and thieves. And this is my staff!!!! Actually, when you look at the church, it is made up of so many who at one time were blind, but now they see because of Jesus, and it makes my heart overflow with joy. It is all because Jesus set them free, and He did so and does so through His word, the Bible. When I first got saved, I was told that God's word was truth, and that I needed to read it, study it, and do it so that I might come to know how it does set free, and with this in mind we are going to have a series on Sunday nights with the hope that our people will take advantage of being better equipped to give away their faith. We live at a time that reminds me of the question asked of Jesus by Pilate, when he asked Him "What is truth"? His jaded mind could not grasp that, in the midst of a universe filled with lies, such a thing could exist. This spirit remains to our day, and I pray that the studies that will be given will help people understand that truth exists, it is incarnated in our blessed Savior, and has been given to us to hold fast to and to share. I pray people show up Sunday night, fully realizing how difficult it is for some to do so. But, it will be eternally worth it...

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Cochise said...

The truth found in the word is no doubt the complete written answer to every question man has.
I for many years since I was in the Marines have read the book "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. And I always thought of the book as one of the most brilliant books written that describes how man can win battles. The book is not all about swift maneuvers and precision excution,it does have show some more subtle ways to win a battle.This book is still not the answer and is weak in comparison to the truth in the word and the ultimate answer of Jesus.
The word of God however "the precious Bible" is the ultimate counter to any book on philosophy. I love strategy, and I am currently in the Army stationed at Fort Lewis,Wa. But whenever it comes to strategy or execution of orders whether in Iraq or stateside I go to the Truth.. God through his Son Jesus Christ has set me free with no question.
With humility I fall short and err in decision making more than I would like, but the Truth in the word of God always lets me know how and what to do. And to keep me honest without excuse in front of God.